Environmental Audit
Environmental auditing is essentially an environmental management tool for measuring the effects of certain activities on the environment against set criteria or standards. Depending on the types of standards and the focus of the audit, there are different types of environmental audit.Environmental auditing is carried out when a development is already in place, and is used to check on existing practices, assessing the environmental effects of current activities. Environmental auditing therefore provides a 'snap-shot' of the current scenario of the site/organisation.


Energy Audit
A building energy survey isa practical step to identify, quantify and prioritise tangible opportunities to reduce energy use, costs and carbon emissions in a buildingor on a site. Itcan also evaluate the feasibility of renewable energy opportunities.We provide a detailed feasibility study tohelp you identify the most appropriate low carbon solution andhelp you take advantage of the latest technologies in this field.
A Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study identifies hazards and operability problems. The concept involves investigating how the plant might deviate from the design intent andcreate risk for personnel and equipment and operability problems.HAZOPs seek to minimise the effect of an atypical situation in the operation/process by ensuring that control and other safety systems such as functional safety (e.g. emergency safe shutdown) are in place and work with a high level of reliability to achieve a safe outcome from a situation that could have resulted in a major accident.

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