Our inspection and testing services for agricultural commodities at our Agricultural and Food Products testing laboratory Chennai, helps our clienteles diminish risk, observe contractual obligations, and make their businesses more transparent and sustainable.

The agricultural industry is made upon the values of integrity, safety, and sustainability, and close checking of each is paramount to business compliance. The solution for businesses lies in the capacity to react swiftly across the entire supply chain.

At Abctechnolab, our people are what sets us apart. Our highly proficient inspection and testing teams, backed by a network of laboratories and nationally recognized accreditations and certifications, are set up to answer rapidly to your request.We offer our clienteles seamless access to a high-caliber and wide-ranging suite of customized agricultural services. We undertake monitoring, weighing, and sampling, as well as testing, verification, and certification of agricultural commodities and processes at every phase of production. Each service is designed to lessen a business’s exposure to risk and guarantee contractual conformity and greater transparency.

Learn more about our diverse services and some of the key agricultural commodities we inspect by contacting us.

Abctechnolab is a leading provider of inspection, testing, certification, and digital solutions, aiming to guarantee traceability, security and conformity of goods together in the public and private sectors.Food companies and their suppliers work diligently every day to guarantee the safety and quality of their products and brands. From identifying harmful levels of toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides, to certifying accurate labeling and compliance with regulations, they trust our Food testing lab in Chennai. We also deliver consistent analysis solutions for measuring the quality of raw materials before food processing as well as evaluating for correct nutritional content, maintaining standards for flavor and aroma,  consistency, and recognizing how packaging affects food at our Best Food testing lab Chennai.