Air Quality Analysis

ABC Techno Labs is qualified and has the necessary equipment to conduct indoor air quality analysis and microbiology air analysis. We test air for Environmental, Microbiology and Industrial Hygiene analysis, depending on the need of our clients. Our sampling media ranges from cassettes, swabs, and even summa canisters, to name a few. ABC Techno Labs can supply the needed sampling or media kit as necessary to perform the analysis. We also have a certified team that conducts sampling at the request of the client.

Indoor Air Quality Analysis:

  • - Formaldehyde
  • - Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) down to ppb levels
  • - Pesticides in Air
  • - Airborne Mold and Bacteria
  • - Tape and Bulk Sample Analysis for Mold
  • - Total and Respirable Dust
  • - Airborne and Bulk Asbestos Analysis

Microbiology Air Analysis:

  • - Non-culturable

- Spore counts and bioaerosol assessments (Air-o-cell)
- Biotape/Tape Lifts
- Swabs
- Bulk

  • - Culturable
  • - Heterotrophic Plate Count

- Contact Plate
- Swabs
- Bulk

  • - Mold Specific Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (MSQPCR)

- Via-Cell
- Swabs
- Bulk

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