Government of Karnataka revises the existing Solar policy and publishes the Karnataka Solar Policy 2014-2021. The new solar policy which encourages households to generate solar power on their roof-tops and sell the surplus energy to the state grid.

The new policy is expected to give a major boost to solar power production in the state. The policy envisages generating 450 MW energy in the 2014-15 financial year. The policy also promotes production of solar power by land-owning farmers with a minimum capacity of 1 MW and maximum capacity of 3 MW per farmer.

Cumulative capacity under this category is fixed at 300 MW. The government will facilitate purchase of energy generated under this category through ESCOMS at the tariff fixed by the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission. The new policy for 2014-2021 envisages solar power generation of 2,000 MW by 2021 in the state.

Source: India Environmental Portal