The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL lab) purpose is to offer accreditation to testing and calibration of clinical laboratories in the country.NABL CERTIFICATE | ABC Techno Labs India Private Limited

It is an exclusive accreditation body authorized by the Govt. of India that delivers a third-party assessment of quality and technical competence of labs. So, why does NABL laboratory accreditation matter to the several medical labs, testing centres in India?

NABL approved lab accreditation is acknowledged and valid through all the major economies of the world, and by all regulators in India.

Benefits of NABL for labs

  1. Superior capability in the process of calibration
  2. Potential surge in business due to customer confidence and satisfaction
  3. Acknowledgment and greater reach of products in domestic & international markets
  4. Saving of time and money from  lesser retesting of products
  5. Improved control of laboratory operations and feedback


Benefits of NABL for the people

  1. Guarantee of genuine reports from accurately calibrated testing
  2. Sureness in personnel performing tests
  3. Removal of the need for re-testing thereby saving money & time
  4. Gratification from the services provided


Thus, NABL establishes trust and quality for labs where competence is concerned. The next time you book an appointment for testing, take a moment to find out if they are NABL certified. Better yet, book your online appointment taking advantage of its convenient interface.