Sigma-Aldrich (USA) provide a premier selection of proven tools and consumables that meet the needs of scientists who perform sample collection and analysis of contaminants in air, water, and soil matrices.

For air monitoring, Sigma-Aldrich offer the widest range of carbonyl sampling devices on the market, with 7 different packed cartridge configurations and 18 products. They also offer innovative radial passive sampling devices, radiello and DSDDNPH; LpDNPH coated filters; impingers and solutions; and other adsorbents for sampling carbonyls.Sigma also offer a range of devices for active, passive and whole air sampling for BTEX and VOCs, pesticides and hydrogen sulphide. Thermal desorption tubes and gas sampling bags rank among the most widely used sampling choices, with radiello passive sampling devices emerging as a reliable alternative or complement to these other options. Also available for your air sampling needs are gas sampling bags, pumps and flowmeters; the PAS-500 Micro Air Sampler, pocket-sized for ease of use and transportability, the Model 1067 Dual Channel Tube Sampler for quick, clean sample collections of low ambient air and high vacuum VOC