The OXY Zirconia analysers, from DRM Technic, use modern technical solutions to provide high quality and affordable analysers.

Designed to measure continuous Oxygen in combustion & process applications for environmental reporting,
process control or performance and quality purposes. The standard configuration uses a built-in control panel,
however this can be mounted separately to the probe if required.

OXY analysers utilise the Zirconia cell measurement method that provides the highest quality measurements for combustion processes in Large Combustion Boilers, Furnaces and reference level emissions monitoring.

Features include: a range of 0-25% Oxygen, accuracy of +/- 2% of the range, a maximum working temperature of 600C, and probes up to 2 meters long.

Accesories: Additional Calculating Module for continuous calculation of combustion parameters
(excess air, efficiency, CO2 and process temperature), a Calibration Panel for calibrationing the OXY analysers, with calibration and air reference gas connections, Process Connection Flange Adaptors, Pipe Mounting Flanges and Protection Tubes