A project for power generation from cattle dung is currently being run at the Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana.

The University has been encouraging farmers to use cattle dung for both bio gas generation and electricity production.

As a demo model the University set up a plant with a capacity of 4,500 kg (daily) cattle dung in its campus for farmers to see for themselves.

Present Power Generation

As of now the plant generates 240 KW hours of energy daily and with this a 40 KW bio gas operated generator is being run for six hours daily to produce electricity.

The electricity is being used for chaffing green fodder, machine milking, operating the fans, coolers and foggers installed inside the animal sheds.

The waste slurry obtained from the bio gas plant is used as manure for crops. The slurry is a better fertilizer than the farm yard manure for crops.

A tractor operated vacuum tank of 8,000 litre capacity removes the slurry from the unit and spreads it on the fields. This results in more green fodder yield and reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers for growing the crops.

The University