ABC TechnoLabs has provided and is providing reliable environmental services to industrial clients, engineering firms, and consultants for almost ten years. Our laboratory provides a vast array of environmental services with matrices that include air, water, solids and hazardous waste. Our solid relationship with Environmental Consultants has resulted in us becoming experienced, dependable and knowledgeable in all aspects of Environmental testing.

Air Monitoring

ABC Techno Labs offers an integrated ambient air, emission monitoring & VOC sampling service to measure from your atmospheric pollutants. Our methodology is based on the IS, EPA and ASTM Test Methods designed to monitor a range of potential pollutants. Our test methods and equipment not only provide you with vital environmental data and information but can also be used as a measure of process & APCD performance.

  • Ambient Air Monitoring as per USEPA/IS/CPCB Guidelines

  • Emissions monitoring as per USEPA/IS/CPCB Guidelines

  • Volatile Organic Compounds as per USEPA/IS/CPCB Guidelines

Water Analysis

ABC Techno Labs undergo APHA/IS/ASTM